Bulletproof - Hurricane

RH 4005
  • Beschrijving
1. That's what I like about you (T. Yearwood/Wilson)
2. Heaven in Baltimore (D. Watson)
3. Neon moon (R. Dunn)
4. Ol' Lonesome (J. Stevens/S. Bogard/L. Danni)
5. I feel lucky (M. Carpenter/D. Schlitz)
6. Are we havin' fun yet (W. Hayes/C. Rains/W. Wilson)
7. Hurricane (C. Carter)
8. The bug (M. Knopfler)
9. I'll burn that bridge when we get there (T. Nicols/W. Robinson)
10. Shut up and kiss me (M. Carpenter)
11. Stepping Stones (unknown, originally performed by Lorrie Morgan)
12. God blessed Texas (B. Seals/P. Howell)